Homeowners are managing careers working jobs with hours that seem never-ending, require out-of-town travel, early mornings and late nights. Kids are all over the place . . . in softball, soccer, ballet, dance, cheer, music, theater . . .

Who’s going to accomplish a move when there’s already no time to spare?

Let dwellings handle it.

Here are some of things we do to manage your move:

  • Establish a timeline for the move
  • Sort through an additional layer of items that can fit in the new home and that have the most value there
  • Prepare furniture layouts of each room as part of the sorting process, identifying that furnishings fit well in the new space
  • Provide hands-on, white-glove packing services to reduce the risk of damage and loss through the move
  • Provide a complete inventory of packed items and when multiple destinations are evident, include a secondary or tertiary inventory for such locations – i.e. – temporary apartment or home, storage,  warehouse, other vacation home, etc. . .
  • Provide a minimum of three (3) competitive bids from moving companies with “apples to apples” comparisons, along with a bid recommendation
  • Oversee the movers for loading and unloading, and ensuring that furnishings are handled well and placed according to the floor plan layout
  • Travel with homeowner’s possessions, for long distance moves, if movers require overnight stops during the transition of belongings to the new home
  • Handle the cleaning, laundering and repair of such items that may need to be cleaned or repaired before placing them in the new home
  • Thoroughly clean and prepare the new home prior to the move, to include cleaning all interior spaces and covered exterior spaces, hang drapes, line cabinets, change air filters, etc . . .
  • Provide unpacking and set up services for the complete set up of the new home, including furnishings, decor, personal items, kitchen items, garage items, and all other packed items, based on sound organizational aspects and a survey of homeowner’s lifestyle and preferences – no box is left unpacked!
  • Remove all packing materials to homeowner’s desired location – stored, donated, recycled, given to  another family member or friend, etc…
  • Arrange for special services upon move-in, for such items as piano tuning, drapery installation, etc…
  • Stock the pantry and refrigerator prior to homeowner’s arrival in the new home
  • Walk through the new home with the homeowners after unpacking to help familiarize them with where things have been placed, especially things not used on a daily basis