Maintenance issues often occur at the least opportune times.  Planning ahead and handling maintenance on routine schedule will help to avoid much of the “uh-ho” moments.  Having a staff trained is part of the equation, and can help preserve the value of your home.

Let dwellings handle it!

Here are some of things we do to help maintain your home and train staff:

●  Thoroughly investigate the source and type of each finish, fixture and item of equipment in the home to establish a Product and Finish Schedule, if one is not provided by the homeowner’s architect or interior designer

●  Create Specialty Schedules as determined by the unique aspects of the home, so that items that require constant inventory replenishment can be inventoried and replenished as needed, with a known supply source

●  Prepare a Maintenance Guide and a Housekeeper’s Training Manual, based on specific manufacturer’s recommendations for care, cleaning and routine maintenance, to include specific cleaning methods and recommended cleaning products, along with necessary time factors for maintenance specific to each home

●  Utilize the Manuals to provide hands on Housekeeper Training and Maintenance Training to homeowner’s staff, and/or to Home Manager

●  Schedule routine maintenance service for equipment, as identified by manufacturer’s recommendations, and ensure the correct methodology and timely  completion of the maintenance, based on the systematic schedule