Ensuring that your home can appeal to almost any buyer who walks through the door is the key to a faster sale and a tighter negotiation on the purchase price.

 But where to start?

Let dwellings handle it.

Here are some of things  we do to help stage your home to sell:

●  Adjust the space with existing furnishings and décor to highlight the home’s key architectural features

●  Make it “any buyer friendly” by reducing and/or eliminating personal item distractions

●  Clear pathways to enhance the flow between spaces

●  Remove excessive furnishings and decor, whether to storage, donation, or for sale, in order to make the home feel more spacious

●  Clean all interior aces thoroughly to freshen the home and make it even more appealing

●  Clean exterior approach areas such as driveway, walkways, porte-cochere/porch/entrance areas, including providing such services as power-washing drive and walkways, polishing front door and any windows along the approach to the home and other exterior peripheral services.

●  Prepare a simple “Action Items” for homeowner and/or housekeeper to accomplish on a daily/weekly basis, in order to forward the sale of the home

●  Provide cost effective recommendations for the improvement or repair of items prior to listing

●  Oversee sub-contractors, for any upgrades and repairs that are needed, as the homeowner’s liaison

●  Visit the home on a daily or weekly basis to assist in keeping the presentation of the home at its peak condition

dwellings can also help stage your home specific to the needs of hosting a private event.