Holding a successful, well-attended sale with buyers involves a series of tasks both great and small that will yield actual sales. It also requires expertise that comes experience.

Let dwellings handle it.

Here are some of things we do to handle your estate sale:

  • Establish a timeline for the estate sale
  • Sort and pack personal items such as personal correspondences, mail, tax and business documents, family photographs and any “debris” which may have accumulated, and which will not be sold
  • Clean the necessary spaces to be used for the sale
  • Create and disseminate advertising and promotional materials, both electronically and in print media
  • Set Up a “Retail-style” environment to enhance estate sale shopper experience
  • Secure qualified appraisals for items such as furs, jewelry, rugs and other such items and antiques
  • Survey current values on items and price each item for sale
  • Inventory all sale items
  • Run the actual sale on specified dates
  • Handle post-sale clean up, including dealing with remaining items